Auto-run LXTerminal from LXDE desktop at startup

The script may be running to completion and the terminal closes before you see it. Test to see if it works using a script that waits for input, so the terminal will stay open until you close it.

Create a test script. I just named it “”, make it executable.

sudo chmod +x filename.ext



 read -n1 -rsp $'Press any key to close the terminal...\n'

echo Script is running


Then edit the autostart file


nano ~/.config/lxsession/LXDE-pi/autostart

Add this line at the bottom


lxterminal -e /path/to/

Then log out and back in, or reboot. When the desktop starts you should see the terminal open in the middle of the screen, waiting for you to press a key. That will confirm everything’s working, then edit the autostart file and replace “/path/to/” with the script you want to use.

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